Thursday, December 06, 2007


The urge to hibernate is strong in me right now. It’s kind of like The Force, only I don’t feel like saving any worlds from a wicked empire—I just want to do nothing…at least nothing that could be considered constructive in a worldly sense.
How does the idea of spending the day in bed reading and playing in your journal sound to you? It certainly strikes a chord with me. It occurred to me this morning that when I do these things, it’s always at the end of a long day and I’m tired. I think I’m going to try switching things around tomorrow morning…if I don’t feel too guilty about doing it that is.


Ganga Fondan said...

Hello, just thought I would pop by and see the Artopian side of lie again. I totally relate to the cacooning thing. It seems that when I don;t allow myself any guilt about it that I realize again that I have every right to step off the world machine and go into the "Universal Landscape" within. I often wonder what genius artist the bears would make if they could hold a paintbrush or computer mouse in those giagantic paws. I love the design idea for your holiday card!!! Sending thoughts of peace your way.


Ronna said...

Hibertnating sounds right to me. It gets dark so early I seem to be in bed at 9ish...the time I'm usually having supper in the summertime. Enjoy the darkness (while it lasts)! Spring is on its way...?