Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What Inspires Me

Inspiration isn’t usually a problem for me because there are so many things I find interesting I continually feel prompted to respond to something. There are also certain activities I engage in that make me want to try something new, or at least take what I’m already doing farther.
This afternoon I had good gab with Carmi on the phone and played in Photoshop while we were talking. Somehow the combination of the verbal and the digital is a good one for me because both activities are so satisfying. And last night I stayed up way too late poking through assemblage materials and getting ideas. Now if I could just finish the three I’m presently working on that would be great. But I guess most of us are artistic contractors…we always have to be working on several “jobs” at once.
Looking at art books is probably my number one inspirational activity though. While I like checking out other people’s blogs and websites, there’s something about grazing through a book with fantastic pictures in it that really revs up my creative motor. So my question today is: what is it that inspires you?

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Anonymous said...

reading other people's poetry is what inspires me...specifically ee cummings, anne sexton and margaret atwood...