Monday, December 17, 2007

The Countdown

Nine days to go until Christmas…no, it’s eight when I think about it. There are two almost finished assemblages sitting on one of my worktables, but I’m not sure whether I can actually find the time to finish them.
I have a four-page list of things to do by the 25th and precious little has been accomplished so far. I will get everything done though, mainly because I have to.
The biggest single task is decorating the Christmas tree. One of my friends has the ideal solution to this yearly “problem.” Instead of removing the lights and ornaments, she leaves everything in place and stores the tree in her basement. Unfortunately I don’t have the space to do this, but I wish I did. On commercials, decorating the tree always seems like such a wonderful ritual. You’re drinking eggnog, listening to carols, the fire is on and each ornament is lovingly unwrapped and hung on the tree. Too bad it’s more like a panic situation in my case.

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