Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Gifts

Today I’ve been thinking about what to buy for Christmas presents. I’m one of those people who actually enjoys shopping for others, but it’s not enough to just buy anything handy. I want a gift I know the other person will enjoy, and therein lies the challenge.
I’ve received some pretty hilarious gifts myself over the years. My uncle gave me the same book on Degas three Christmases in a row, so I was disappointed when he chose something else the next year because the Degas thing was becoming a running joke.
Two other gifts I recall from another relative were a key chain attached to something that looked like a large plastic dinner plate, and a pair of women’s black satin pedal pushers—not the best choice for the skinny, knock-kneed nine year old I happened to be at the time. I remember squeezing both my legs into one side of the pedal pushers and laughing like a loon.
My dad always got the best “worst” gifts though. One Christmas it was a large can of barbecue lighter fluid clearly marked “sample.” The next, he received The Executive Coloring Book and several of the pictures had already been colored in! You just gotta love stuff like that.

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justjen said...

Gifting is hard enough but sometimes it is a little trying to be on the receiving end. On more than one occasion my grandmother mailed me a birthday gift: a book. It was a library book which, of course, needed to be returned! It's funny now but as a young teen I was not impressed.

Happy shopping!