Saturday, December 29, 2007

Visiting with Mary

I went to Mary’s house today for a holiday visit and to see her latest assemblages. There’s probably something a little strange about making notes on a good friend’s art, but that’s exactly what I did because I knew Mary wouldn’t mind. (At least I hope she didn't).
Later we had high tea with scrumptious crustless sandwiches and assorted tarts while we talked about—what else—organizing all our stuff. When I came home I was really fired up to create and organize. What actually happened was that I fell asleep watching an Eleanor Parker movie and then worked on this ATC in Photoshop.
I liked the idea of superimposing a face on an old photo, but something definitely got lost in the translation from idea to execution. Oh well, as Scarlett O’Hara once said: “tomorrow is another day.”


tgarrett said...

Susan- Do I ever know what you mean about organizing- I have that on my list but i have only made bigger messes in the studio and not started that.. Terry

A bird in the hand said...

I think I was watching that same Eleanor Parker movie.


I must tell you though that Scarlett O'Hara actually said: "I'll think about it tomorrow." It's a quote I'll never forget because it has personal meaning to me (I'll tell you next time I see you).