Friday, December 14, 2007


On Wednesday night Emma took me to have my hair cut and colored at David Hillis a swanky salon in Toronto (thanks baby). I’d forgotten how pleasurable it is to be transformed by people who know what they’re doing…and how much artistry is involved.
First, Hannah did my highlights. I was fascinated by how focused she was on the process, mixing up the colors like an alchemist and then applying them in an unhurried but spontaneous way. And I was really thrilled with the results.
Then Sangeeta cut my hair while we talked. Cutting hair is more than a job to her, she explained; it’s a form of healing. Sangeeta has a degree in business administration and spent ten years in the financial sector before having that eureka moment where she decided to be a hair stylist. Now she knows she’s in her right place, and like Heather, Sangeeta’s concentration on the task at hand is awesome.

Every time I look in the mirror, I think about Emma’s generosity and the two women who worked their magic on me. The big test will come this afternoon when I wash my hair and try to style it myself!

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