Monday, March 17, 2008

Front and Back

When I do an ATC, I usually make a tag to go on the back. But while I was playing around with the color on my doll, I wondered what it would look like in high-contrast black and white. In some ways I liked the result better so I turned it into the tag and just added my name, date and edition number in pen.
A couple of people asked me on Friday night where I got the image of the doll, and the answer is that I bought it from istock royalty-free images. The original was a black and white photo that I added color to digitally by incorporating other layers including a map of the solar system. I also worked on the eyes to make them stand out more.
When I first started experimenting with Photoshop, I didn’t find much to inspire me online, but there are plenty of people doing digital collage now and some of them are fantastic. If you’re interested, you can check out my two favorites: Maggie Taylor and Alicia Buelow.


Godelieve said...

Tha black and white version would be a great stamp ;)

tgarrett said...

Nice card Susan! I also love the two artists you mentioned and have had their sites bookmarked for sometime now. Wonderful work- have a great week! Terry

Leslie Jane Moran said...

This is really an exciting post for me Susan. It is such a trademark of your work. The solar system map, protractors, all those things that I too love the concept of, whilst incapable of apply in the real sense.

Great links and ideas to play with. Thanks...with my head in the stars!

A bird in the hand said...

Maggie Taylor's work looks exactly like the opening credits of Ghost Whisperer (TV show). I checked her site but there's no mention of this show.

Thank you for sharing your art with me. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love the black and white image too. Would make a great stamp.


Dale said...

this looks so great! I totally agree, the black and white copy would make an excellent stamp! I can just imagine! :)