Friday, March 21, 2008

On Drawing

Every time I check out Ronna’s blog, I want to start drawing again and I keep promising myself that I will. So on March 12th, I finally took a deep breath and decided I’d just go for it. Basically I’ve been doing a drawing a day since then. I’ve sketched various dead plants, a teacup, shells, a doohicky I found in the parking lot outside David’s work, a scrunchie and a pair of socks that don’t look like socks at all ... at least the way I've interpreted them.
I thought it would be harder to get back into drawing than it’s actually been. It was never my strong point (if I do have one) but I’ve never been afraid of it either. Danny Gregory says there are no bad drawings and I think this is a healthy approach to the process. The interesting thing is that all the work I’ve done in Photoshop is helping me. Not because I’ve become more observant over time but rather I’ve finally learned that if you want to become better at something you just have to keep plugging away at it.


Ronna said...

Well Susan, no you've inspired me! I love how your drawing journal looks and how the text integrates with the images. Maybe I'll start a sketching journal? Love the idea. It looks terrific!!

Ganga Fondan said...

Hello Susan,
YOur note on my blog put a smile on my face. I love coming to your blog and seeing "in process". Your creations exude such simple love for what you're doing. You elevate it and honor it. It's taken me so many years to value this creative drive and your blog is incredibly inspiring. I would love to put soundclips on my blog so I have to learn how. :) Have an awesome day.

Smiles across the miles,

Sandy said...

As a teenager I used to sketch everything and I found it so therapeutic! Perhaps I should join you and start sketching again. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!


A bird in the hand said...

Good stuff, Susan! Your journal is quite wonderful. Mine would be all over the place (if I had one). I really admire you. xoxo

Debbie Olson said...

Your sketches are quite good, Susan! I'm another "used-to-sketch" person. It really is a good habit to form!