Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our Doll Challenge

As you can see, we all really loved the ATC doll challenge. For example, Martha sewed a little doll, Mary used one of her own hand-carved stamps and Sandy—well Sandy went above and beyond the call of duty by constructing a paper doll that folds up into an ATC. I’d actually considered doing this myself, and then abandoned the idea when I realized how much work it would be for a slow poke like me.
What always happens at these meeting is that you see things you just know you want to try.
Marissa painted an acrylic background and then stamped on it. Daniza cut up a doll magazine so we all got something different. And Colette used a zigzag stitch to attach a doll’s head to her ATC. I may be the only female in North America without a sewing machine, but I want to do this too. Does anyone know if those tiny machines really work? (I’m afraid I’d end up sewing my own hand to the paper with a full-sized one).
P.S. While I was looking at our ATCs and writing about some of them just now, I realized that I forgot to photograph my own, so I’ll post it next time.


A bird in the hand said...

Those tiny machines are extremely limited and frustrating. Don't waste your money!! I made that mistake and ended up buying a proper machine anyway. If you get a machine, get a good basic one.
P.S. I put the numbers stamps aside for you.

Sandy said...

Your ATC was amazing (front AND back!) Next time I'll stay longer so we can catch up! Thanks for mentioning me!!!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Hi Susan ~

Thanks for stopping by my new blog. I have been such a "lurker" on yours for such a long time. I am now propelled to comment, as it means much when you do this "out there" sharing thing. I am totally inspired by your work and love your approach to art and your wicked sense of humour. I'll be better at leaving comments from now on:)

martha brown said...

I absolutely love your ATC - back and front!!
I agree with Colette -- don't get a cheapo little machine. Better to get a used one. If you really want one. Whatever you do, don't buy it until someone who sews tries it out for you! and I would definely volunteer. Althought, neither of us drive!