Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Taking a break

Mary came over for lunch today and we had a great time gabbing about art. She brought over some of the bling that she’s going to be selling in her Etsy shop, and I showed her the new collage sheets I’ve been working on. We had pooled our vintage photos of European cities and I’ve been madly scanning away, fixing them up, then creating layouts. I’ve also been doing the same thing with Mary’s 1920 tool catalogue.
For the ATC shown above, I used an image of the Palazzo Ducale in Venice and a protractor so it’s nice to have new images to work with. But I think I need to take a break from doing this for a couple of days because I'm bug-eyed.
I told John tonight that making collage sheets reminds me of knitting. Once you get into the rhythm of doing it, you can’t seem to stop. Then when you finally go to bed, you feel like you’re making sweaters all night—or even worse, doing the same one over and over and over again

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Anonymous said...

I loved the visit too, and seeing what you're up to!