Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Inside My Head

I’m not sure what this ATC really signifies, but it’s a graphic representation of what seems to be going on inside my head at the moment. Even though it’s been a super busy day, my mind is still teeming with creative schemes and ideas.
I spent some time tonight looking at our next club challenge—a calendar made from blocks of wood housed in a small cabinet. Carmi warned us that we might not like it, but I was delighted because I’d already picked up one from the dollar store months ago with a view to altering it. However, as I was playing around with the one Carmi gave me, I realized that I would like to start working larger. This means actually using my tools and constructing things from scratch. I think I’ll dig out my copy of Crafting Personal Shrines by Carol Owen and see if I can pick up some tips.


azirca said...

The texture and layering on this ATC is wonderful, great work!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this challenge too. I've already done it and I'd like to get some more of these calendars.