Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's Outside?

For this week’s challenge, Jen Worden asked us to look out our window and represent what we see in a piece of art. Fortunately she added the words literally or figuratively because I’m not in the mood for literality (probably not a word but then again, it’s been a long winter).
All I can see out my window at the moment is a maze of dog/squirrel/raccoon and rabbit paw prints. I know there’s an interesting candle holder rusting out there somewhere too, but since showing you this would involve digging it out of a snowdrift, I’ll pass on it for now.
This project ended up turning into a looking through my inner window kind of thing done in Photoshop because frankly, I’d like to ignore reality. I’d prefer to be leaning against a balustrade overlooking the Mediterranean like this faux Greek goddess is doing here, and looking fabulous while I’m at it. But really, I can’t complain. For one thing, I won Jen’s random draw last week and I’ll be receiving one of her polymer clay encased hearts soon. Being a big fan of all things heart-related, I can’t wait to see it and hold it—and I’ll be sure to post a picture when it arrives.

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Dale said...

awesome submission for jen's challenge. I think it looks great! What a unique thing to create with photoshop