Thursday, March 13, 2008

Meeting the Challenge

I didn’t know if I could complete Jen Worden’s weekly challenge in one evening, but I managed to which was good because the challenge was to finish something that had been hanging around for a while. It feels satisfying to be able to move on to a new idea now—or maybe even to finish off another project that’s taking up mental space.
This assemblage basically pays homage to the letter “E” for no other reason than I liked the type block. I also used a drawer from a piece of doll’s furniture, a red glass pebble, a burnt out light bulb John gave me and a protractor. Mathematical instruments fascinate me even though I was never any good at geometry at school.
I’m often surprised at what I end up with when I do assemblage. Everything sort of progresses in a haphazard manner and then finally comes together into something I doubt I would have pursued if I’d had a clear picture to begin with. It’s always a voyage of discovery—of what I’m not really sure—but I’m usually glad I decided to take the trip.


tgarrett said...

Susan- Congrats on finishing your piece- you are an inspiration as I have so many things setting around the studio. I like what you said about it being a voyage of discovery. I find that when I let myself go into auto-pilot mode- good things happen- the work usually always works out and has a fresh look- more than when I begin with the end already visualized! It often seems to come down to trust and letting go of control!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you took the trip. It's fabulous!

Jen said...

Susan, Kudos! I absolutely love your shrine and am particularly smitten with the inclusion of the "roots". Great juxtaposition to all the manmade elements! Thanks for taking the challenge!

Dale said...

I really really like this shrine. wonderful job with the way it turned out! Great work on Jen's challenge. I can see that yours is a blog i will be needing to keep an eye on. I've added you to my bloglines :)