Monday, March 10, 2008

On keeping a blog

One of the things I like about keeping a blog is the accountability factor. You want to write about things and post images that other people find interesting. Naturally I don’t always succeed at this, but I know that the process of keeping a blog—for over two years now—has certainly helped me in a number of ways. Like improving my Photoshop skills for instance.
When I was debating about what to say this morning, I wondered if I should write about the bad fall I took on the ice over a week ago, and how long it is taking me to recover. But I’m really not comfortable talking about things like that. I am fascinated when other people write about it, though, because most of the time, they don’t sound like they’re whining which I know for a fact I would.

So my entry today is simply a digital take on a cabinet card that I bought in Seattle when I went to Artfest in 2006. Did you know that millions of cabinet cards and carte de visites were produced in the U.S. alone? I think that’s an interesting figure because while the photographic means of presentation was common, each image is unique because it’s a record of someone who actually existed. I often wonder if descendants of these people would like to have these photos, but obviously I have no way of knowing. Nevertheless, I think that’s the main reason I don’t like to tamper with the actual image—just in case.


Anonymous said...

I love your blogs and your pictures. It starts my day. Don't ever stop!


Sandy said...

What a beautiful cabinet card! I have to admit I have never seen a cabinet card before but I plan to get a few since I finally found where the antique shows are taking place! I hope you are ok after the fall!! Your blog is such wonderful eye candy! Been working hard on my dolly ATC.See you soon..