Friday, October 13, 2006

The Art of Play

Einstein says that play is the highest form of research, and who am I to disagree with Albert? I’ve always been fascinated by the equipment needed to play any kind of game whether it’s a spinner, a deck of cards, a board or a personal marker. At one point I even came up with an idea for a fiction writing game, which I could still do something with come to think of it.
Anyway, John recently taught me how to play Bezique, a card game for two players that was developed in France in the 17th century. John is an absolute whiz at cards, but I managed to win one hand without understanding how I actually did it. Although we didn’t use a special scoreboard, I downloaded this one from the Internet and then played with it in Photoshop. It would be fun to come up with designs for games that don’t even exist – but might.

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