Sunday, October 29, 2006

Website Matters

I’m sure I have the wrong temperament for doing a website. Because I like everything to fit together and make sense, it’s turning into a nightmare. If I could afford it, I’d hire someone to do my website, but I’d probably drive them mad. I spent a few hours earlier reading through my book and making corrections. Compared to the website, it seemed easy – and I never thought I’d say that!
I hit a real low point yesterday afternoon. There is just so much to do I can’t imagine ever getting it done. For instance, a lot of my work still needs to be photographed, but since I have better luck taking pictures outside and it was raining, I had to comb through the photos I already have instead. (Here are two tins from my Bia Box I won’t have room to include). Today I was all set to take pictures again but the wind is so strong it even blew some of the shells I’d brought back from Cape Cod off the porch. Am I whining or what?

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