Saturday, October 21, 2006

Exploring the Possibilities

Beverly and I had a great eating, gabbing and trolling the booths at the Creativfestival. The reason I’ve never gone before is I thought it was all about sewing, and years ago I made the decision not to get involved with this because there are so many other things I want to do. As it turned out there was plenty of inspiration for someone who prefers paper crafts like me.
Bizzy Bee’s had a terrific booth with a really interesting selection of merchandise. We visited with Daniza – she always knows what I like – and I bought some flowers (see photo) that I don’t have a clue what to do with, but I’ll figure it out.
Then we stopped by Carmi’s booth, which was like looking into a little jewel box. I picked up some Dove of the East charms which are beautifully made, and chatted to Carmi and June Hayter who is helping her at the festival. (June says she reads my blog, but can’t leave comments because Blogger won’t let her. This is the third time this week someone has told me this, and I’m not sure what to do about it).
What I like about going to something like the Creativfestival is seeing friends you haven’t seen for a while, making new ones and being exposed to all sorts of things that fire your imagination. When I got home, my mind was buzzing with possibilities. What I need to do now is explore them!


Carmi said...

Here is a test comment!

schedlerj said...

I remember when I first started leaving comments, it was confusting to me, and I had to try several times. At first it seemed as if you had to have a blog to comment. At any rate, I had to tinker around an figure it out. Now I am going to try to create a new name and see how it is done.


Jeanne said...

Write the comment in the big blue box under "Leave your comment". Under choose your identity, press the Other button. Put your name in the name box. Press Publish Your Comment. Voila!

The confusion can come, (I think) from thinking you have to be a blogger and have a blogger account before you can comment- my initial experience when I first tried to do it. But these instructions should work.