Sunday, October 22, 2006

Relax? I don’t think so!

My plan to take it easy for a couple of days has collapsed. I tried to kick back by doing some art, and now my room is in a chaotic state once again. I’m incapable of working in an orderly, linear manner. I wish I could, but I just can’t.
Yesterday I completed my challenge for Carmi’s Commandos in just a few hours. My goal is not to mad dog these projects or to get worked up about them. When I told John I’d finished, he was taken aback. “Really?” he said. “You have?” I can’t say I’m that happy with what I’ve done, but it’s done. (I’ll post a photo on Friday). David really likes it, but personally, I think it’s the weakest one I’ve done so far. I can live with the results though, which is progress.
After I’d finished last night, I started thinking about Holly Jolly. Here’s one of the 8 x 10” prints I’ll be selling. This year I’m only going to sell things I really like – not that I didn’t like everything I sold last year – but I’m at the stage now where I think some of my images should be gracefully retired. I also want to make room for new stuff, and some little mixed media pieces.
About midnight, I started taking bits and pieces out of boxes and just generally brainstorming. By the time I went to bed, well let’s just say that even Lily was having problems trying to find a place to lay her weary head. She actually barked at me a couple of times to let me know that she was annoyed that her/my chair was stacked with boxes. I ended up taking off my dressing gown and making an informal dog bed for her on the floor where she snored like a truck driver.

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