Monday, October 30, 2006

Paul's Book

I’ve done some interesting freelance work this year, and my favorite by far was doing this cover for Paul Godin’s science fiction book The Program. Paul and I discussed what he was after visually, but he basically left it up to me. After reading his book, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
I did a Luna Lights painting for the top of the cover, and used a picture I’d taken of the sky up at Meaford along with a scan of some computer circuits. The biggest challenge by far was finding a face I thought reflected the essence of the hero (as I pictured him in my mind). I ended up buying a stock photo, and after plenty of experimentation with the various elements in Photoshop, I ended up with what you see here.
The interesting part of this project for me was the type. Originally I’d chosen a simple sans-serif font, but Paul wasn’t sure about this. I sent him a selection of typefaces to look at and tossed in some jazzier fonts I would never have chosen myself. Paul chose one of these, and lo and behold it was perfect. Paul is a photographer and writer, and he now has a website designed by his wife Carmi. If you check it out, you can read a page from The Program and his other book, Na Gren.

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