Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Dollar Store

Debbie and I went to The Dollar Store this afternoon where I bought a rubber mallet (yes, I need this to flatten bottle caps), some cheesecloth and two measuring cups. We also went to Michaels. Debbie wanted to buy a wood-burning tool, but she’d forgotten her coupon. I hadn’t so I got a few things for the Holly Jolly pictures I’m working on. Then we both bought Halloween candy. As soon as I got home, John and David raided my stash. Okay, so I did too and I’m feeling a little sick after eating several Mars and Snickers mini bars. Serves me right, and now I have to buy more candy.
But back to The Dollar Store. I’m a complete addict. I’ve scored more bargains there than anywhere else. My absolute favorite buy was – or rather were – eleven really good pieces of a nativity set. I can’t recall when I’ve been more excited. I rushed home, set them up, congratulated myself and then said to myself: “What am I thinking? Why didn’t I buy nativity sets for all my friends? Pam would love one too.” So I rushed back and they were gone! In the space of an hour, The Dollar Store was sold out of several hundred figurines. The moral of this story is: if it’s too good to be true, buy everything.
The altered puzzle shown above was a club challenge from last year. I bought the wooden puzzles at The Dollar Store in Meaford. It may be a small town, but there’s no better dollar store anywhere. It’s awesome.

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