Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Missing Emma

Here’s a picture of Emma advertising the Jeep we rented to go to Meaford about this time last year. I really miss her laughter and high jinks. Yesterday we had a long talk on the phone, and she wants me to go on a trip with her to Spain, Italy, Greece and Morocco when she finishes articling in the summer of 2008. I can’t wait! (But I guess I’ll have to).
Emma has been gone seven weeks, and so far she’s visited Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland and The Czech Republic. She’s also going to England, Spain and Italy.
Did I mention that she’s there to study? Well, she’s managing to squeeze it in. At her age I had absolutely no self-discipline. I’d have probably bailed out of school after the first couple of weeks, and gone to Findhorn with the bass player of a second-rate band to talk to plants.

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