Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Ideas Journal

I’ve been keeping this journal since January and I’m almost finished. I have over 150 pages of ideas, but fortunately there’s lots of repetition, which means that I’m not as much of a grab-bagger as I think I am. The problem of implementing them remains, however.
Yesterday afternoon David and I went to Toronto to see a glass art show, and to pick up some of his work. Then we went to Pages Bookstore on Queen Street and had a great time looking at art books. The reason I like the art section at Pages is because they have a lot of funky books by artists I’ve never heard of before. I particularly like the ones with artist sketches and notebooks.
There was a very cool book on Paul Klee’s puppets too. Apparently Klee made them for his son when he was a child. David found them very freaky, but I really liked the idea that Klee did his own sewing and carving. I was tempted to buy the book, but resisted and got David a couple of novels instead because he’s on a reading jag.
As we were leaving I suddenly remembered that Pages carries Moleskines, and I’ll need a new ideas journal soon. I’m not sure why I like working on graph paper, but I do. The good thing about keeping this journal is that I’m not worried about whether or not it looks finished. Keeping an art journal is all very well, but it has a habit of stealing time and energy that might be put to better use somplace else.
Afterwards, David took me out for dinner to a Chinese buffet. The waiter was very attentive…to me. When David pulled out his credit card, the waiter was really taken aback, and then amused. He couldn’t seem to believe that the child – well, not that David has ever really been a child – would actually treat his mother to dinner.

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