Saturday, October 28, 2006

Our Club Challenge

For this meeting we had to alter a fan. John had the bright idea of turning it into a crossword puzzle. I didn’t do this because it would have taken too much work, so I decided to turn it into a fetish object or mask instead. I’m not crazy about what I did, although there are parts I do like. My plan is to dismantle what I’ve done and incorporate some of the pieces into other projects.
David agreed to model it for me. The poor guy has been really sick all week, and I dragged him away from his place on the couch (where he was watching Lord of the Rings) and took him outside. You can’t see his eyes because this mask needs someone with widely spaced eyes like Kate Moss for it to really work.
Carolyn taught us how to do embossing on metal tonight. She’d been to a class in Texas and came back with this huge array of tools – her stash would be the envy of any dentist – and we all made a dog tag. I was sitting next to Mary who told me that metal embossing is addictive. Even though she had already shown me how to do it, I just can’t seem to “get” into the spirit of things, metallically speaking.
Mary is in downsizing mode and she gave me some great art and map books, a few little canvases and a bag of dolls. When I got home, John and I watched Alias, and I started removing doll heads and arms. I’ve always loved dolls, and I felt guilty dismantling them, but I do feel an assemblage coming on…

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davidwilliamson said...

I've been reading your Joseph Cornell books and he used a lot of random doll body parts in his work. I'd love to see you doing more assemblage I think you have real talent for it.