Monday, October 29, 2007

The Eardial

I tend to think the pictures I take of my club challenges don’t do them justice, but in this case, the photo looks much better than the finished “product.”
This month we had to make something using the etching we’d done last meeting. I thought mine looked like a sundial, but I couldn’t figure out how to turn it into one. While browsing through all my stuff, I came across a resin piece of an ear I’d done in a class with Carmi, so I decided to make my challenge an eardial. I constructed a tinker toy base plugged the holes with eyelets, then added corners and some bells to make noise. Kind of lame, I know—and it turned out wonky too. But I enjoyed myself anyway.
Carmi’s alcohol ink/stamping workshop on Friday night was great. There’s something alchemical about alcohol inks that really appeals to me, and I played around with them on my own again yesterday.
P.S. You can see a group shot of our challenges that Carmi posted to her blog after the meeting.

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