Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More on Books

Thanks to the comments Zanne and June made about their love of reading on my blog yesterday, I’m feeling much better about my book. I seem to remember reading (!) somewhere that even though people predicted horses would go the way of the dodo when the car was introduced, there have never been more horses than there are now in North America. Hopefully the same goes for books.
Practically everybody I know loves reading including my kids. David came home from L.A. yesterday with several and Emma adds to her library regularly.
P.S. When we visited David’s work recently I took pictures of a piece of grinding equipment and a glass bowl made by his employer Jeff Goodman, which I sandwiched together into this ATC. You can see more of Jeff’s glass art here.

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Ronna said...

With a pile of "to read" books beside my bed and a stack on the coffee table, I too LOVE books. And it's more than just the reading. It's how they feel. No computer screen can ever duplicate that.
I remember seeing an episode of Star Trek: The New Generation and Captain Jean Luc Picard was reading a book. Seems to me, there will always be books! (Not sure if that's a reliable source...buy why not?)