Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Goings on at the Nest

A couple of people have asked me recently how I’m coping with empty nest syndrome, and I can honestly say there’s nothing to cope with. But maybe I'm so self-absorbed I just don't notice.
I haven't seen much of Emma for the last couple of months because she's working so hard, but she spent the weekend with us and we had lots of fun. We had a couple of good heart-to-heart chats and watched Garden State, which we both really enjoyed. We also had a conversation about what things people remind us of. Emma told me I remind her of a flower unfurling. I’ve always thought I was like a lemon meringue pie: fluffy on the outside, tart on the inside. Emma herself reminds me of an emerald, John of a blue agate and David is definitely expensive dark chocolate (just like my sister Pam).
Speaking of David, he came up on Sunday for a visit. I showed him the etching I’d done at our club meeting, and we also talked about power tools. The upshot of our conversation was that he wants to have a mother-son etching day, and then he went out and bought me a 300-piece set of attachments for my Dremel!

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Mary Ambrose said...

My sister just met Emma at work and called me up to say what an absolute darling she is!