Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Everything I do is an experiment (like this one), and some of them even work! Not that I’ve had much time to experiment lately, but I’ve been thinking about it.
I have an assemblage I started in 2003 and never finished, so I’m determined to by the end of the year. Are some things meant to be incomplete? Somehow I think you know when you need to let something go. But this particular assemblage just won’t let go of me! It keeps glaring accusingly at me from its perch on my drafting table.

I suppose I could have done something on it tonight but I was too tired—and besides, I had to watch Dancing With the Stars. Yes, I know it’s kind of tacky, but I’ve got John hooked on watching it now, so how bad can it really be?

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Mary Ambrose said...

Andy and I are hooked on Dancing with the Stars too.