Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lily and Squirrels

Yesterday I saw a squirrel take an old tea towel (not mine) up the locust tree to its nest, which really made me laugh. All the squirrels around here seem to be very busy tearing around after each other and burying food for the winter.
Lily is exhausted from patrolling the property and being taunted by them. Do squirrels taunt? Yes, I’m sure they do. They like to wait until she’s almost on them, and then they take off—or else they’ll lie on the top of the fence sunning themselves while she goes nuts barking down below.
Naturally Lily never catches anything. It’s tough being a lap dog that thinks she’s a terrier. She has been sprayed a couple of times by skunks though. It’s been three years since it happened the last time, but the memory is still fresh (so to speak) in my mind.
Last night I saw a skunk out the bedroom window and Lily was really annoyed when I refused to let her go out. But the coast is clear tonight. It’s foggy, muffled and mysterious out. Leaves are falling, Halloween is definitely coming, and winter is not long behind.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Williamson:
I am writing on behalf of the Squirrel Appreciation Society to protest your defamation of our reputation and good-standing.
We do not, and never will, taunt.
Indeed, it is your dog's aberrant and recidivist behavior that is in need of comment and chastisement.
Barking, running around, threatening the lives of innocent squirrels preparing for winter is activity that should be, not just controlled, but stopped.
Kindly reign in your "pet".
Signed: Steve Squirrel