Monday, October 01, 2007

Art that Endures

Yesterday I went to my parents’ church to take pictures and to see an installation by artist Mira Coviensky. I took classes ten years ago with Mira at The Japanese Paper and the Canadian Book Binders and Book Artists Guild, so it was a pleasure to see her again—and to look at her work. Printing on Japanese paper is Mira’s specialty and she has a minimalist style I appreciate.
The reason I took my camera is because I am designing a blog for the church, and I wanted some good (I hope) photos to use as illustrations. Even though I went to St. Philip’s growing up, now I mainly go for weddings and funerals. Pam got married there and so did I, so I thought about this as I was taking pictures.
I also realized that I had never taken a really good look at all the art in the church before. This sculpture appealed to me particularly, so I decided to turn it into an ATC. It’s life-sized and for some odd reason hangs on the wall by the font.

The good thing about art in a place of worship is that it stays put. Not like in your home where you can shift things around, or get rid of a picture when you’re tired of it.

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