Friday, April 04, 2008

Mother/Daughter Writing Pod

Emma and I have been talking about getting together to write for a while now, and on Wednesday night we finally did just that. Emma took me out for dinner first, and then we headed over to The Second Cup to write. When a couple of Type A personalities together, you can be sure they get right down to it. (Actually, I’m probably more like a B+ but I cranked it up a notch).
We each wrote three pages and then traded notebooks. I was amazed by how much we accomplished. Linda and I sometimes get together to write, but we tend to gab rather than produce. What I’ve learned though is that when you want to do something creative, working along with someone else can be a powerful motivator. And if you understand each other and have a good relationship like Emma and I do, so much the better.

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Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that no one else has written comments about our FAB writing pod! I guess they just don't get the utter PODDITY of it...or something :-).

I've written twice this week thanks to you and I know this is the start of something great for both of us!

Ps - we look much happier than those females in the picture, I hope?