Monday, April 28, 2008

Polka Dots

I’d been tinkering with this ATC for a while but since it didn’t seem to be going anywhere, I had to abandon it. Then yesterday I suddenly thought about Polka Dots, Ronna’s centerfold theme for the next issue of ATC Quarterly. I decided to resurrect the image and add some polka dots to see what would happen—kind of like a Photoshop rescue remedy, if you know what I mean.
While I was working on this, Emma called to arrange the date for our next Mother/Daughter Writing Pod. We’re now heading into our fourth week of getting together to write, and really enjoying it. In between pods we work on our projects and then discuss them with each other on the phone. But we’re obviously not the only mother and daughter who get together to write. Laura and Jenna Bush were on Larry King the other night talking about the children’s book they’ve just published.
I think it really helps to have a writing buddy if you have an ambitious project like a novel in mind. You have to make the time and do the work, and then gradually everything will start coming together. After I got off the phone with Emma, I reminded myself of this by adding words and a calendar to my polka dots ATC.
P.S. The deadline for ATC Quarterly’s Polka Dots theme is May 15th. For more information, check out Ronna’s blog.

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Ronna said...

Love, love, love it Susan!!