Thursday, April 10, 2008

What I’ve been reading…

If you’re a fan of Sandra Gulland’s Josephine B. trilogy like Carmi, Leslie and me, you won’t want to miss her new book, Mistress of the Sun. Set in 17th century France, this well-crafted novel is a fictionalized account of the love affair between Louise de La Vallière and Louis XIV. In Gulland’s expert hands, their doomed relationship actually becomes something magical. And of course it’s full of fascinating period details.
Reading Mistress of the Sun only confirms my opinion that you can learn more from historical fiction than straight biography. A good novelist like Gulland always knows how to blend in her research. And because she’s so skilled at propelling you inside the skin of her characters, you pick up all sorts of information along the way without realizing it.
A word of advice though. If you’re going to read Mistress of the Sun, make sandwiches first because this book is almost impossible to put down.P.S. To find out more behind more about Sandra Gulland’s creative process, I recommend visiting her blog.


Sandy said...

This books sounds amazing! I may introduce it in my book club! Thanks for telling us about it!

I have the flu so please pray that it will be over so that I can come to the ATC swap tomorrow :(


Sandra Gulland said...

Susan, thank you! x0x0x

To the readers of your beautiful blog: Susan and I used to work and play together over 30 years ago. One of these days, we'll see each other again (I hope!) and I know it will be just like old times.

Maija said...

I ADORE historical fiction, I'm going to Paris in September and I am running out right now to get this book!