Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Book Notes

I’ve been hard at work on my book all day so I don’t know whether or not I have enough energy left to paint, which is what I’m planning to do next. How do people go to bed at eleven ‘o clock at night when there are so many interesting things to do? Then again, they probably get up at six in the morning, which I certainly don’t.
I have the graphics and writing done for 51 pages so far, although I’m sure I’ll have to go back and shift things around…plus do some rewriting. But I’m happy I’m now in the groove and that things are progressing.

I got an email from Cherri the other day to say she has finished her book. How does she work so quickly? I’m in awe of her speedboat energy. Me? I know for a fact that I’m a canoe girl at heart. I have to explore every bay and inlet along the way. And sometimes when I stop for a picnic, I end up wandering off into the bush and going walkabout.

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Jeanne Schedler said...

Susan, you have your own unique and effective way to work. Life is not all about speed. I changed from a nightowl to the early riser because I had to. And the ideas do come as fast at that time. Very early and/or very late is the artist's friend. There are few if any distractions at that time.

Your blog is intriguing and addictive.

Your fan, Jeanne