Sunday, July 02, 2006

We're Back

David and I had a great time up north together. He read, sketched and listened to music. I got a lot of writing done on my book – plus some painting and reading of trashy novels.
We watched movies, had some pretty intense talks about creativity, and went down to the beach every night to look at the sky. On a couple of nights in particular, there were spectacular stars. But even though it was overcast on Thursday night, David and I still thought we saw a shooting star. Turned out to be a firefly.
Of course we had to go beach combing too. David found these two pieces of an old cup, and I did the conceptual art work shown above: a row of artist’s palettes. David seemed to think this was funny. I brought the stone palettes home with me (planning to paint them) but now I think I might display them in the window of my studio as is.

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