Thursday, July 13, 2006

Process Journal 2

Ever since I finished the process journal of painting techniques that I put in a CD case, I’ve been thinking of doing another. I decided I’d like to use a small Moleskine notebook because if I work in a larger format, I’ll have too many decisions to make. The plan is to have a background and no more than three added elements – the minimalist approach in other words. (One of those elements will be a stamped image, since I haven’t been stamping much for the last few months and I miss it).
When Carmi set herself the task of doing an altered book spread in 20 minutes every day back in June, I was itching to try this myself, but couldn’t. Now that I know my going-away spree is over, I could try it, but I honestly don’t think I could keep up – not to mention finishing two pages in such a short time.
Working on my book has to take precedence. If I don’t do this, I’ll just keep starting other interesting projects and I’ve promised myself I’m going to be a finisher as well as a starter.

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Beth Barany said...

This page is such an interesting opening. Makes me eager to enter and see what's there.

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