Monday, July 24, 2006

One of Those Days

Our router went kaput yesterday and we’ve been Net-less until now. It’s ridiculous how dependent we are on the Internet. You feel exiled and overwhelmed when something goes wrong. And this afternoon the power went out for a while too.
Last night John, Emma, Robin and I went to Mum and Dad’s for dinner. I can’t believe that my 87-year old mother is still throwing dinner parties. She made delicious lasagna from scratch, and tried out a new recipe – a blueberry/lemon coffee cake.
We had a lot of laughs. I polled everyone on the words they love and hate. Mum hates the word obese and Emma: shunt, panties and porcine. The word I loath most is yummy, while Dad can’t stand the word vomit.

Favorite words included: orchard, vineyard and aspen (Dad), cube (Emma) and luminescent (Yours Truly).
Emma had amassed a huge pile of laundry that needed hand washing, so I brought it all home and did it for her today. It was the perfect day to do it – warm, sunny and blowy, plus we saw a baby woodpecker this morning.
Yesterday I finished the first 60 pages of my book, and tonight I reformatted everything because I wasn’t happy with the page size. I can’t believe I’m halfway there (I think), and that I actually made my deadline.

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