Saturday, July 08, 2006

John's Photos

John took these photos at the glass studio where David is working this summer because he thought I’d like to play with them in PhotoShop. He’s always had this innate ability to compose photos on the spot, while I tend to do my cropping after the fact.
I didn’t do much to John’s pictures except to enhance the color – although I did take out the chute that feeds the glass grinder in the upper right hand photo. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but it was much easier to accomplish than I expected.
Playing around with John’s photos started me thinking about my Uncle Ken who loved taking pictures. When Emma was about a year old, he came over for lunch one day. I’d taken several rolls of film of her playing in the kitchen a few days before, and couldn’t wait to show him my pictures.
Uncle Ken spread all the photos out on the kitchen table and looked at them for quite a while. Finally he turned to me and said: “Well, Sue, you’ve got some really great shots of your fridge.” It was really funny and so apt. Doting mother that I was, Emma only took up about twenty per cent of each photo I’d taken. Needless to say, my pictures really improved after that. I just wish Uncle Ken was still around. He would have loved going digital.

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