Tuesday, July 18, 2006


When I get to the point where I feel like I’m on the outside looking in, my homies appear and rein me back into the fold. First, Robin called me this morning and we had a long talk about everything under the sun. Having a sibling that’s so close to me in age is really a blessing. Aside from our common interest in writing and art, there’s always a feeling of closeness and understanding when we talk about our childhood.
Next I received some wonderful emails. Roberta and I are planning to do a book on angels and she has some great ideas about how to proceed. I also heard from Wendy. It’s hard to condense the magic of Wendy into just a few words, so I’ll leave it at that.
Later on when John was packaging a couple of things for me to send to Mary, I checked my email and lo and behold, there she was!
Mary has been “making jewelry like crazy” because she’s getting ready to set up her Ebay store. Oh, oh! Now I’m feeling the urge to add more to my Mary Ambrose collection. I have seven of her necklaces, and I always head for the fleet when I need to get gussied up – and sometimes for no reason at all.
Tonight it looked like there was going to be a blackout, so John and I turned off our computers, and got into a long discussion about life and spirituality. Actually, we do this nearly every day. I’m so grateful I’m married to a man, who in his own words “gets me.”
P.S. When I tried to apply a napkin to this two-page spread on dreams in my process journal, I blew it. But when I started thinking about how indistinct our dreams often are, I realized it worked. Adding some of the Pittman Shorthand Mary gave me seemed to fit in too. Then I stuck in the triangle because…well, just because.

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