Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Burn Out

I did so much yesterday that I wasn’t good for much today, although I did do four new layouts for my book and played around with different typefaces.
I know pacing yourself is a really important part of doing creative work, but it’s something I find difficult to do. Once I’m on a roll, I want to finish. Even though I always seem to be working on projects that can’t be done in a day, a week, or whatever, I still push like mad to get them done anyway.
I know some writers and artists will deliberately stop when things are going well so they can pick up the momentum the next day. But I never really seem to need that. I’m always in a state of momentum. This time I’ve overdone it though. I’m going to crawl into bed now and look at art books

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Jeanne Schedler said...

Susan, I am the same way. I am slowly learning to identify when my energy flags and then stop there. It is hard. Synchronicity: I was playing around and researching alphabets yesterday and ended up making bookmarks for friends with their names in Egyptian hieroglyphics. The impetus was to find styles of alphabets (English) to use in my journal. Your image for the day is magnificent.