Monday, July 03, 2006

Holiday Monday

Emma came to Brampton yesterday to celebrate John’s birthday and then stayed over night. I’ve really missed her seeing her every day since she’s been living in Toronto. At the end of August she’s going to Amsterdam to do a semester of law school. I’m sure I’ll be sobbing at the airport when we see her off. Lily will miss her too.
Tonight Emma and I went to see The Devil Wears Prada. It wasn’t as hard-core as the book, but wow, the clothes! Really makes me want to be a candidate on What Not to Wear (British version).
Mary is back from holidays and called me this afternoon. We had a good gab about everything under the sun, and now I’m all fired up to do some painting tomorrow.
I resisted the impulse to catch up on my email during the day so I could stay on track with my book. I’m one page short writing-wise but ahead on my layouts, so things are progressing. Writing this book is like running a magnet through a pile of iron filings. But I’m getting used to the non-linear approach and it seems to be working.

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