Sunday, September 03, 2006


Even though I used to do a lot of bookbinding and taught all sorts of classes, I gave it up because it drove me MENTAL. Bookbinding is absolutely the wrong, wrong, wrong craft for a first-class nitpicker like me.
I was reminded of this tonight when I had the bright idea of covering the inside of the angel book because I didn’t think painting would work. How could I have forgotten that paper stretches when wet? Why didn’t I think of testing how the paper would take glue first? Naturally, it refused to. In the end I managed to salvage it, but just barely.
I do have a question for the angel of art though. Couldn’t I just have one project that didn’t have a steep learning curve? What’s the deal here? (Feel free to answer immediately).

It was a pretty good day otherwise. Debbie, Gerry and I went to a craft store in Dundas, and then on to The Ink Spot in Oakville, which is a lovely new stamp store on Lakeshore. I really got the urge to get out my rubber and experiment when I got home. Well, okay, I chose about fifty stamps and then decided it would be more fun to email Jeanne. But it’s the thought that counts…isn’t it?

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Jeanne Schedler said...

Glad to be the benefactor of your mind change. Your angels are absolutely beautiful. Got my creative juices going for my turn.