Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Portrait of Moi

I’m transferring a gazillion files to my new workspace from our external backup and finding all sorts of projects in Photoshop that never got off the ground. Not that I feel guilty. How can you feel guilty about things you’ve completely forgotten about?
But I decided to take a break and complete this one anyway so I could play with CS2. It’s a picture of me taken in my early twenties by an old boyfriend. I remember the day it was taken because I’d just finished looking at my grocery bill and a large tub of peach yogurt cost me 39 cents. Now why would I remember that?
The best thing about going through my files is discovering so many photos we’ve taken that I’d like to work with. But why did I save our 25th wedding anniversary pictures SIX times? Guess I didn’t want to lose them. Still, it shows how disorganized I am – I definitely need to be more on the ball.

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