Friday, September 08, 2006

John's Dream

Last night John had a dream that he was eating this collage piece by piece, and when he woke up he could still taste it.
For some reason I keep the picture in my bathroom…I guess it’s because I like maps so much, and I want to remind myself to do more with it at some point. (Yes, even my bathroom is filled with stuff).
Anyway, this map collage was one of our in-club projects. Carmi gave us instructions, but I was so busy yakking to Mary and Cherri – and so involved in ripping and gluing everything down – that I mixed up the instructions. Carmi’s plan was to have all twelve of us collage inside the borders of our individual maps; then she would assemble everything and photograph it as an art quilt. Such a cool idea, but I ruined it. Did I apologize to you Carmi? I hope so.

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