Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Propeller Set Up

The challenge for our September club meeting was to alter an Altoids tin that Sharon Ginsberg had sent each one of us. I lost the lid to my tin almost immediately, and it’s never turned up. This was probably good for me though because I ended up doing something I wouldn’t have done otherwise.
The last time Mary and I went on one of our bin rummaging sprees at Active Surplus, I picked up this nifty propeller and two sets of gears to use in my challenge. The whole thing came together quickly for me, so I really enjoyed this project. (Just don’t ask what it means).
My favorite part of each meeting is seeing what everyone has done with their challenge, and being inspired by their creativity. For example, Marissa took off the lid and built a frame around the rest of the tin so it looked like a shrine. This is something I’d never though of myself, but I definitely want to try it.
Carmi gave me a couple of books for my birthday – a bio on Robert Rauschenberg and Tracy Bautista’s Collage Unleashed. I didn’t know about either of these books, so I was thrilled. Unexpected gifts are always the best.

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