Monday, September 18, 2006

Sunday Update

Okay, so it’s officially Monday, but since I haven’t gone to bed yet, it still feels like Sunday. I’m hoping this week won’t be as hellish as the last one because I’ve literally spent twelve hours a day every day trying to get back on track with everything I needed to do. Nevertheless, I managed to squeeze in time to work on my book which means I’m still keeping to my self-imposed schedule.
Last night I took a quick look at the pages I’ve already done. I don’t think I’ll have to rewrite everything, but changes definitely need to be made – hopefully for the better. Because we’re going to Cape Cod in October, I won’t get much done while I’m away, so I basically have six weeks to finish my first draft – although it’s not really a first draft in the true sense of the word since each page is as finished as I could get it at the time.

While I was reading through the copy and looking at the illustrations, I had the strangest feeling. It was like I was holding someone else’s book. But that feeling would soon vanish when I came across things where I’d slipped up.
Tonight I also played with a picture of two statues Emma sent me from her trip to Luxembourg last weekend. I am using another one of her as my screen background, but I’m thinking about changing it because every time I look at her sweet face I feel homesick for her.

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Jeanne Schedler said...

Is that a book floating in the lower left corner? Love the color and crackle finish.