Monday, September 11, 2006

Mona, no longer moaning

You get so used to the way you set things up on your computer that when there’s a big change you feel like you’re suddenly in an alien landscape. Still, it’s a good thing because I’m being forced to really think about how I want to organize my files. They have been in a chaotic state for months, so it will probably take me several days to do this. Plus I have to install more programs, calibrate my monitor and iron out several bugs as well.
Photoshop CS2 doesn’t seem that different from Photoshop 6 so far. The workspace is fancier, and obviously there are more features, but I was able to reduce this digital collage of Mona without any problems. Adobe Bridge is a cool new program included with Creative Suite that allows you to scroll through your images without having to open them up in Photoshop. I love being able to do this!!
I now have Illustrator and In-Design too, although the thought of learning two new programs is daunting. I actually used Illustrator back in January to draw a spiral for a theatre poster I designed, but I found things very difficult to figure out. I guess it helps when you actually take the trouble to learn the basics instead of just winging it.

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