Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My place in the scheme of things

When I was talking to Carmi the other night, she told me that her two Goldens – Shadow and Shamus spend more time on the couch than she does. I thought this was really funny, so I decided to post a picture of Lily in her typical position on the chair in front of my computer. X marks the spot where I get to park my posterior. Actually I find it surprisingly comfortable because I have to keep my back straight in order to sit this way.
One of the enjoyable things about talking to Carmi is that I can run on and on about Lily without having to feel guilty about it. Most of the people I know don’t have a dog, and you can see them getting restless when you’re sharing yet another cute story about your furry beloved.
Last year Carmi had Claudine Hellmuth do the design for her Christmas card using Shadow and Shamus. This prompted David and me to put on some doll-sized antlers on Lily, and a couple of large doll legs that I have on her front paws. She just sat there serenely until we were laughing so hard her dog dignity took over and she wanted out. This would make a fun card though, if I can just find those antlers again.

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