Sunday, September 10, 2006

Computer Problems

At the moment I am quietly freaking out. The Speedos...not the swimsuits but John and David...are reformatting my computer. It's crashed several times over the last few days, so hopefully this will fix things. Meanwhile I'm computerless and using David's right now.
I really wish I was doing the reformatting myself. I think I could handle it if I took my time because at one point they got totally stuck and called all their friends. No one was home, so I went on the Internet and found the information they needed to get started again.
Maybe computers aren't supposed to be a chick thing, but I have to disagree. Guys go all gnarly and macho when it comes to computers, and it's really a pain.
Who knows how long it will be before everything is sorted out? I know it will take me a few days to reorganize my files...they were in such a mess anyway. The good thing is that I will have Photoshop CS2. Yipee! (On the other hand, do I really need yet another learning curve right now?)
Book-wise it was also a grueling week. Last night I finished page 121 of my book, and I probably have another 40-50 pages to go, plus rewriting.
I spent 12 hours one day working on two pages which was awful. I've learned from experience the pages I have the most trouble with continue to be the most trouble. Somehow you either get it or you don't, and when you don't, your words keep on harassing you until you do.

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