Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Artopian Sundial Set Up

Sundials have always fascinated me…anything to do with time usually does. I like to think there is no time in Artopia hence the stamped geometric image I chose as a sundial. It doesn’t really show in the photo, so I scanned it to give you an idea of what it really looks like. But my favorite part is the metal spiral.
Because it was getting dark when I took the picture, the background (complete with Lily racing around the garden) didn’t register. I wish I knew more about photography, although having Photoshop helps me to fake it.
To avoid the burn out I experienced yesterday, I stopped working on my book right at 6 p.m. It occurred to me this morning that my problem is I’m accustomed to going full tilt to meet writing deadlines. If you push just that little bit extra, you can finish something and go on to what you have to do next. But it just doesn’t work this way with my book. It’s not something I can finish next week or next month, so I have to pace myself and learn how to switch off. (Playing with my set up was the perfect way to relax).
I tend to let everything slide when I’m on a work jag and I’ve really been doing this lately. I need to organize the angel book project and what I’m going to do for the Holly Jolly show soon. But somehow because it’s still August and people are away, I’ve been on a mental vacation from the outside world. Yes, tomorrow I’m promising myself that I will aim for more balance.

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