Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dementia’s Sister, Ennui

I don’t know why I’ve called this set up Ennui except that it’s a spontaneous process and the name came immediately to mind. John thinks Ennui looks like something on a New Order video. (New Order gets played a lot at our house). I’m really not a fan of children and babies in art though. Guess it must have been all those Baroque cherubs I was exposed to when I took art history.
Instead of dogging it non-stop with the book today, I made time to do things I’ve been putting off…like grooming Lily. This is a task I hate. For an almost 11-year-old dog, she becomes super-feisty and indignant when you go near her ears. By the way, Cavaliers, weeds and seeds are a bad combination. I was forced to cut a tat from one of her ears that looked like a miniature veggie burger. Fortunately David helped me to groom her so this made things easier.
I also indulged in one of my favorite pastimes – researching Renaissance women painters. I’m thinking this is something I’d like to do a new collage sheet on, if I can find some good images. And of course there’s my Renaissance Babes altered book. The backgrounds were all painted ages ago, but I’m still in the collecting and sifting stage with it. At some point I must make a start, but I have other things to focus on right now like the angel book.

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